The natural waterfalls of Manali will leave you spellbound

You cannot afford to miss the waterfalls of Manali if you are a true nature lover. The breath taking view of the water splurging out from the mountains and hitting the land base is something that cannot be expressed in words until and unless one visits the place. Sightseeing in Manali is incomplete without travelling to these places. Natural beauty can be found here in abundance, as lush green vegetation and beautiful flora surround the place.

So here is a list of must to see waterfalls in Manali

Jana Water Falls: Also known as zana, this natural waterfall can be found in Jana village. It is situated at a distance of 35 kms from Manali and can be reached by hiring a taxi. In order to get a clear view of this waterfall one can climb up to the hill and witness the amazing waterfall. The nearby shops offer delicious home cooked food that will leave you licking your fingers. The menu mainly includes Brown Rice, Rajma and Chatni. If you want to find peace and serenity then this is the best place for you.

Jogini Waterfalls: Situated at a distance of 3 kms away from the Vashisht Village, the Jogini waterfalls can best be viewed while crossing over the main bridge of River Beas. It is really a wonderful experience to be a spectator of this magnificent water fall. You can take a bath under the falls and feel rejuvenated inside. You can also take a dip at the nearby hot sulphur springs if you want to enjoy more. Many hotels in Manali offer guided tours to these places.

Rahala Falls: Rahala Falls are the favorite destination for picnic for most of the tourists.

The sound of the falling water and the chirping of birds just add to the ambience of the place thereby making it more interesting. The splendid view of the Himalayas at the backdrop also adds to the scenic beauty of the place.

To enjoy your holiday trip to the hill station, stay at Honeymoon Inn Manali. This 59 hotel room offers numerous facilities that include a 24 hour car parking, availability of multi regional cuisines and also sightseeing arrangements. Children find the hotel quite interesting as there are multiple options of games such as Ludo, Chess, carom, swings and see-saw.



3,4,5 Star Hotels in Manali

Hotel Honeymoon Inn – A Relaxing Place After a Tiring Journey

Before travelling to Manali many tourists search for Budget Hotels in Manali with their holiday agent. Hotel Honeymoon Inn Manali where comfort will be your constant companion and you will feel relaxed after a tiresome journey.

Most of the time we are not comfortable visiting the hotels as we are not aware of the size of the rooms and numerous other things but the website of Hotel Honeymoon Inn Manali provides a full view of the rooms from all the angles. You can even zoom in and zoom out the pictures of the room and notice even the minute details of each of the room. Moreover, the services offered by the staff of the hotel will definitely make you feel as if you are staying in one of the best Manali Hotels and Resorts.

All of us have some type of hobbies. Some of us like to collect stamps, some of us like to collect tickets where as some of us like to travel. One might make a mistake if he or she has not visited Manali. Visiting here will make you feel as if you have visited some foreign land.

As it is known that Manali is a place full of snow therefore visiting here at any time of the year can be equally exciting. Various snow sports are prevalent throughout the year and one can even learn one of the sports. One of the exciting sports of the place is paragliding.   It is such an enthralling sport that will give you an adrenaline rush. You can have an aerial view of the mountains and the other natural beauty of the place. Under the guidance of trained pilots you can have a safe journey.

The Paragliding sport in Manali is divided in to three flights. They are the joy ride, high ride and the long ride. In each of these rides the duration of the flights and the distance of the flight from the ground varies from each other. In case of joy ride the time taken is three minutes and it goes up at a distance of 300 metres above the ground. In case of high ride the distance is 800 metres and the time varies from eight to fifteen minutes. The long ride or the cross country ride has the highest distance where one can enjoy the ride at an elevation of 3kms and lasts for duration of even an hour. Most of these flights take off from places like Gulaba, Rothang, Biling or Madi.

Hotel Honeymoon Inn Manali- where comfort meets luxury

Tourists arriving at Manali can reside at low budget hotels in Manali like Hotel Honeymoon Inn. Here, the rooms are available at affordable rates. There are many special offers that are provided by the hotel. One of them is the monsoon special offer. One can at any time book the rooms of the hotel and even get instant information of the booking of the hotels. The rates of the room vary according to their type like regent, duplex or honey moon special.

Hotel Honeymoon Inn Manali has something special and unique to offer to its guests which no other Manali Hotels and Resorts can provide. The hospitality of the hotel staff is very warming as they take care of each and every need of the guests. Many special facilities like a doctor on call or an arrangement of an ambulance in case of emergency are offered by the hotel.  In addition to this, upon special request to the hotel authorities they can also arrange for sightseeing facilities.

Now there is more than another reason on why you should travel to Manali and the reason is not travelling, but to find peace and tranquillity in the hills. Yoga Tourism is the latest thing that Manali is ready to offer to its tourists. A certain section of the tourists also come here to find solace as they remain busy in their hectic life throughout the year.

Some of the important places where the yoga is practiced are the Bhrigu Lake, Chandertal Lake, Ranisui Lake and Dashaur Lake. All of them are located at an elevation of 13000 feet above the ground. The most interesting fact is that people from outside India like Russia, UK, France, Germany, USA and Israel come to this place to practice meditation. Most of the meditation techniques include walking on the grass in naked feet, sitting in a yoga position and many more.


Hotel Honeymoon Inn Manali – An Ideal Place to Spend Your Honeymoon

Manali is a wonderful place to chill out especially in the summers. It is regarded as the abode of snow where nature is always at its best and the wonderful valleys provide a deep insight about the pristine beauty of Manali. Every year many people visit this place in order to spend one of their wonderful moments with their near and dear ones. The breath taking beauty of the place is just amazing and allows you to get completely get lost in the nature.

Some of the most important places where one can really pay a visit include the Hidimba Temples, Nehru Kund, Solang Valley and Rohtang Pass. Each of these places has a special thing to watch and to enjoy. If the Hidimba Temple has a historic tale to tell then the cool springs of Nehru Kund are always there to refresh your mind. Last month, Ladakh festival saw thousands of tourists gathering in the Leh-Manali highway. If Manali is on your travel cards then you might witness Monsoons also.

Staying in Manali can be one of the most memorable and wonderful experience while you stay in a good hotel. Hotel Honeymoon Inn Manali is a best option to spend your holidays in Manali. Nestled in the hill sides of Manali the hotel provides a spectacular view of the beautiful snow capped mountains. The hotel is only one and a half kilometres away from the Bus stand. You can occasionally hear the sound of a hornbill from a far away distant land. As you sit in the balcony of the rooms you can see the setting sun in the long horizon. All the facilities that you look in a luxury hotel are available here like a discotheque bar, cybercafé, wi- fi connection, cloak room and many more. You can spend your early mornings in the apple orchard gardens also.

Rooms of the hotel are open spaced thus allowing free flow of air. You can find modern as well as traditional rooms also. Currently, the hotel has come up with a Monsoon special offer where the rooms are available at Rs 2500 EPAI. Moreover, the online booking facility enables you to instantly book your room. You can get rooms like regent, duplex, honey moon special or super deluxe here.

By making a request at the sightseeing facilitation desk you can take a car and enjoy the whole day roaming at the important tourist places. So get ready for a wonderful Manali trip by staying at Hotel Honeymoon Inn Manali, one of the best hotels in Manali

Source: Honeymoon Inn Manali

Honeymoon in Manali – Romantic Honeymoon in Scenic and Pleasant Atmosphere

A Holiday is not a holiday until and unless it is filled with excitement. Words like ‘thrill’, ‘adventure’ go very well with a place like Manali. There are so many things to do in this place that you will feel as if one trip is not enough to discover the ardent beauty of the place. Before doing the final packing only remember to take a lot of woollen clothes or else you might fall prey to the chilled winter of the place that can ruin your trip.

Visiting a place not only includes visiting the most important places but it also includes knowing the culture of a place. Knowing about the food cooked by them, the languages they speak and music they here makes you feel as if you are a part of Manali. When it comes to food it is the ‘Dham’, a dish that includes rice, curry, raita and pulses that are mostly served in the festivals, marriages or functions. Food is served is in utensils that are made of brass. It is cooked by a Boti, meaning Brahmin cook. People preferring wine can taste the drink Lugri or Chakti that are made from red rice and barley respectively.

In Manali you can get to see people from multiple tribes such as the Kashmiris, Kullus and Ladakhis. Majority of the population consists of Male. The major languages that are spoken by the people are Hindi and Pahari. If you know Pahari language then it is better or else knowing Hindi will also do the work.

The climate of any place influences the dressing sense of the people. The cold climate of Manali influences the dressing sense of the native people. For the males it is the Chola, a long woollen coat that is worn on the upper part of the body and the Suthan that is worn on the lower portion in the form of pants. The Topi or the colourful cap made of Woolen cloth is worn in the head. The females wear a pattoo which is much heavier than shawls. They protect the body from cold. What the men wear as topi the women wear it as Dhatu or Thipu to cover their head. The footwear worn by the women are known as Pullas that look like slippers. These footwears are made from fibre that has been extracted from the stem of Marijuana.

The breath taking view of the snow covered mountains in Nehru Kund can make you feel romantic. Couples are often seen here spending time with each other to spend the wonderful moments with each other. Walking through the cold spring waters will give you jitters for the first time but slowly you will feel relaxed in the waters. It is said that these waters originate from the Bhigru Lake that is situated a top the mountains. You can also visit the Akhara Bazaar that is situated in Kullu if you want to shop some woollen clothes.

The different type of Manali Honeymoon Packages should have the proper accommodation facilities so that you can spend the time with your loved ones in a much comfortable environment. Hotels or Resorts are available here at a price that does not burn a hole in your pocket. You can get a wide range of facilities starting from a spa to a gym to a swimming pool.

Source: Honeymoon Inn Manali

Discover the other side of Manali holiday Packages

Honeymoon in manaliTo get respite from the scorching heat of the Indian summers most of the people take resort to Manali. Due to the location of the place near the snowline the climatic normally remains cold throughout the year. Location of the place at a relatively higher altitude is also one of the factors for the cold temperature. The place is free from pollution thus making it easier for children and old aged people to have a trouble free time.

Most of the Honeymoon couples visit the place during winters as a lot of snowfall can be seen. Moreover, the covering of mountains with a blanket of snow is spectacular to watch.  Sports adventurists can have a gala time out here as there are a large number of options available for snow sports like ice skating and skiing.

Indian film Industry and Manali have a long association. There is hardly any director in Bollywood who can ever resist the charm of shooting at this place. The pristine beauty of the place has time and again attracted Directors to portray the beauty of the place onscreen. Even Bollywood actor Sunny Deol was so overwhelmed by the beauty of the place that he eventually decided to set up a film city there. Apart from this, one can get a glimpse of the city in the critically acclaimed film Lamha. In the coming months a film based on the life of on the Olympic women boxing champion MC Mary Com is to be shot here.

As far as accommodation is concerned there are a large number of luxury hotels in Manali that the tourist can select to reside in. These hotels are fitted with all the modern amenities to make the stay of the tourist a pleasant one. Some of the rooms have got fire place so that during the chilling winters or excessive snowfall they can keep themselves warm. Manali can be reached by train, air and bus. One needs to contact with the travel agency before planning the vacation there.

Manali is not only about visiting the snow clad mountains there are some other attractions of the place which an individual can enjoy like the Hadimba Temple that was built around a cave on the footprints of Goddess Hadimba, the wife of Bhima. Old aged religious minded people can also visit the three Tibetan monasteries that have been recently constructed. The Rohtang Pass is located at a height of 3980 metres above the ground and provides wonderful view of the surroundings. It is believed that Sage Vyas used to meditate at Beas Kund that is located near the Rohtang Pass.

The culture of the place is reflected in its folk songs and traditional dance. The ethnic population of the place usually wear clothes woven out of wool. It is mainly the milk based recipes that the people of Manali prefer. Apart from that, one can also enjoy the wine made from red rice and barley. Tourist can also have a taste of the Indian and international dishes like Chinese and Italian at the restaurants.

Two festivals are held in Manali. One is the winter carnival and the other being spring festival. Winter carnival is one of the most awaited festivals of the year. It is mainly held in the second week of January and continues for five days. Visitors have a gala time out here as they participate in various competitions like folk dance, Indian classical music and street plays. On the other hand Spring Festival or the Basantotsava is held every year from 28th to 30th April. It has been declared as the state festival by the Government of Himachal Pradesh. Many well known artists and cultural groups arrive at this place to perform here.

 Hotel HoneyMoon Inn gives a very tough competition to all the 5 star hotels in Manali. The rooms of the hotels are elegantly designed and give a wonderful view of the surrounding aura. The hotel has so far received excellent reviews from most of the tourists arriving at this place.


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