Honeymoon in Manali – Romantic Honeymoon in Scenic and Pleasant Atmosphere

A Holiday is not a holiday until and unless it is filled with excitement. Words like ‘thrill’, ‘adventure’ go very well with a place like Manali. There are so many things to do in this place that you will feel as if one trip is not enough to discover the ardent beauty of the place. Before doing the final packing only remember to take a lot of woollen clothes or else you might fall prey to the chilled winter of the place that can ruin your trip.

Visiting a place not only includes visiting the most important places but it also includes knowing the culture of a place. Knowing about the food cooked by them, the languages they speak and music they here makes you feel as if you are a part of Manali. When it comes to food it is the ‘Dham’, a dish that includes rice, curry, raita and pulses that are mostly served in the festivals, marriages or functions. Food is served is in utensils that are made of brass. It is cooked by a Boti, meaning Brahmin cook. People preferring wine can taste the drink Lugri or Chakti that are made from red rice and barley respectively.

In Manali you can get to see people from multiple tribes such as the Kashmiris, Kullus and Ladakhis. Majority of the population consists of Male. The major languages that are spoken by the people are Hindi and Pahari. If you know Pahari language then it is better or else knowing Hindi will also do the work.

The climate of any place influences the dressing sense of the people. The cold climate of Manali influences the dressing sense of the native people. For the males it is the Chola, a long woollen coat that is worn on the upper part of the body and the Suthan that is worn on the lower portion in the form of pants. The Topi or the colourful cap made of Woolen cloth is worn in the head. The females wear a pattoo which is much heavier than shawls. They protect the body from cold. What the men wear as topi the women wear it as Dhatu or Thipu to cover their head. The footwear worn by the women are known as Pullas that look like slippers. These footwears are made from fibre that has been extracted from the stem of Marijuana.

The breath taking view of the snow covered mountains in Nehru Kund can make you feel romantic. Couples are often seen here spending time with each other to spend the wonderful moments with each other. Walking through the cold spring waters will give you jitters for the first time but slowly you will feel relaxed in the waters. It is said that these waters originate from the Bhigru Lake that is situated a top the mountains. You can also visit the Akhara Bazaar that is situated in Kullu if you want to shop some woollen clothes.

The different type of Manali Honeymoon Packages should have the proper accommodation facilities so that you can spend the time with your loved ones in a much comfortable environment. Hotels or Resorts are available here at a price that does not burn a hole in your pocket. You can get a wide range of facilities starting from a spa to a gym to a swimming pool.

Source: Honeymoon Inn Manali


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