Hotel Honeymoon Inn – A Relaxing Place After a Tiring Journey

Before travelling to Manali many tourists search for Budget Hotels in Manali with their holiday agent. Hotel Honeymoon Inn Manali where comfort will be your constant companion and you will feel relaxed after a tiresome journey.

Most of the time we are not comfortable visiting the hotels as we are not aware of the size of the rooms and numerous other things but the website of Hotel Honeymoon Inn Manali provides a full view of the rooms from all the angles. You can even zoom in and zoom out the pictures of the room and notice even the minute details of each of the room. Moreover, the services offered by the staff of the hotel will definitely make you feel as if you are staying in one of the best Manali Hotels and Resorts.

All of us have some type of hobbies. Some of us like to collect stamps, some of us like to collect tickets where as some of us like to travel. One might make a mistake if he or she has not visited Manali. Visiting here will make you feel as if you have visited some foreign land.

As it is known that Manali is a place full of snow therefore visiting here at any time of the year can be equally exciting. Various snow sports are prevalent throughout the year and one can even learn one of the sports. One of the exciting sports of the place is paragliding.   It is such an enthralling sport that will give you an adrenaline rush. You can have an aerial view of the mountains and the other natural beauty of the place. Under the guidance of trained pilots you can have a safe journey.

The Paragliding sport in Manali is divided in to three flights. They are the joy ride, high ride and the long ride. In each of these rides the duration of the flights and the distance of the flight from the ground varies from each other. In case of joy ride the time taken is three minutes and it goes up at a distance of 300 metres above the ground. In case of high ride the distance is 800 metres and the time varies from eight to fifteen minutes. The long ride or the cross country ride has the highest distance where one can enjoy the ride at an elevation of 3kms and lasts for duration of even an hour. Most of these flights take off from places like Gulaba, Rothang, Biling or Madi.


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